Hasselt, Belgium

Universiteit Hasselt

Hasselt's university decided to refurbish its main campus in Diepenbeek and used Audac as a part of its extensive paging system. The works were completed in 2010 and the building's facade, entrance hall and corridors have been given a complete overhaul to reflect the quality of one of Belgium's youngest universities.The new paging system is divided in two separate systems. One covering the administration and public areas. A second separate covers the kitchen and the newly-built restaurant. The restaurant part is equipped with AUDAC CS75 ceiling speakers to make sure all messages come across perfectly intelligible. The public areas rely on wall-mounted AUDAC WX302 speakers. The racks are setup in different locations and connected using CAT5UTP, resulting in a linked 8-zone system that can send paging all across the various zones. The newly installed system is divided in this many separate zones because the various rooms and areas all have unique needs. The restaurant area has different requirements than the administration offices or the entrance hall so individual input and volume settings are now available for these areas. Paging messaged using the 8-zone paging table in the administration area. The agora, the main assembly area where students can relax or study, posed a different challenge. Occasional student-related activities or festivities can demand a more powerful audio solution. This need was met by installing a separate system equipped with six wall-mounted PX115 cabinets and two SX415 subwoofer cabinets.

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