Istanbul, Turkey

Toyzz shop

‘Toyzz Shop’ is the name of the largest toys shop franchise in Turkey. These shops are famous for their range of exclusive toys and keeps giving their customers from ages 7 to 70 a smile on their face. The Toyzz Shop franchise has over 120 stores in 33 cities and employs more than 900 cheerful workers.

The management of this franchise was looking for an audio system that had high speech intelligibility for their announcements while it also had to produce a clear sounding background music during opening hours. The audio system also needed to have uniform control possibilities and provide an efficient solution for every one of their shops. All these requirements meant the decision was made to use a complete AUDAC audio installation. Now all 120 shops are equipped with CS55 ceiling speakers and WX302 wall speakers powered by a COM12MK2 or COM24MK2 public address amplifier depending on the size of the shop.

Read the story on the Pro Audio Central magazine-website.

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