Poperinge, Belgium

Swimming pool De Kouter

At the indoor swimming pool De Kouter, splashing fun can begin. The modern and sustainable swimming pool in Poperinge (near the French border) offers a wide range of possibilities, including a wellness area with sauna and an 58-meter-long slide. A reliable sound system was not forgotten in its plans. For the audio system, that needed to be extremely reliable in these harsh and moisture conditions, an appeal was made to the expertise of the installer PVL sound. Thanks to their close collaboration with the audio brand AUDAC, a detailed simulation showed in advance that the WX802/O outdoor wall speaker would give a clear audibility over all the pools. The 26 AWP06 spring fit waterproof ceiling speakers formed a nearly invisible combination with the ceiling. In the entrance hall, three CS74 Quick fit ceiling speakers are used for the background music.

As a central control unit, they chose an M2 multimedia digital audio mixer together with 2 DW5066 digital all-in-one wall panels. ‘Using the DW5066 wall panels, you can select any input source connected to the M2 and control the volume as desired. In addition, the M2 has a free remote control app, named AUDAC TouchTM, which allows you to easily control all available outputs and inputs from any location on the network'. The M2 is also connected to 2 APM108MK2 digital paging microphones that each have 8 zone selection buttons for paging to a selected zone. For amplification of all the speakers, a combination of highly reliable CAP448 and CAP412 Quad-channel power amplifiers was used.

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