London, United Kingdom

Strike London

London’s most premium boutique bowling alley has opened inside London’s oldest brewery, with a high-end, industrial look with copper fittings and bare brick walls. The main attraction is bowling, London’s first duckpin bowling alley, with plenty lanes to show off your skills. The ideal spot to while away the evening with the clatter of pins in the background. Try out the smart dartboards and test your aim with your friends, family and colleagues, or play with the electric shuffleboards. 

This place is ideal for birthday parties or even team buildings. Luckily, Strike is well-equipped with freshly prepared food and drinks, with diner-style classics, raclette burgers, mac ‘n cheese bites or strike bacon. Whilst the drinks menu offers exceptional cocktails, tank-fresh beer and locally brewed craft ales. You can top it all off with buttermilk pancakes or a chocolate brownie. Enjoy all these activities together with an unforgettable experience of AUDAC's audio solution.  

Strike chose a multi-zone installation utilizing 24 black WX802 universal wall speakers 8” to deliver clear and powerful sound throughout the two-storey space. These 2-way performance speakers deliver true to nature, high fidelity reproductions of music and speech inside London’s high-end bowling alley. The elegant shaped synthetic enclosure makes the WX802 blend into the industrial look of Strike Wandsworth. The WX802 8” universal wall speakers not only give you an impressive sound experience but are also easy to install and connect thanks to the terminal block.  

Enjoy London’s most luxurious bowling alley with your friends, family and colleagues with an incredible sound experience.

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