Chisinau, Moldova


If you are looking for a modern, hip and elegant restaurant with metallic contrasts, velvet textures and lots of dark colours to exude intimacy and elegance, SteakMe in Moldova is the place to be. This beautiful place has 2 floors and a grand terrace available to serve lovers of high quality steaks, tasty cocktails and various European menus. 

To bring this trendy location to life, AUDAC distributor in Moldova, Music Shop, provided a full audio installation. 10 WX502_O outdoor universal wall speakers make it possible to listen to pleasant background music while enjoying a refreshing cocktail on the terrace. 

On the first floor a cosy atmosphere is present where one can drink wine and enjoy a steak. This cosy atmosphere is created by the installed NOBA8A compact 8" active bass cabinet and 6 ATEO4 4” wall loudspeaker which were easily installed on the ceiling thanks to the WMA40 extension mount with 30° angle. The combination of the ATEO4 4” wall loudspeaker and the NOBA8A compact 8” active bass cabinet creates a vibrant atmosphere on the entire floor.

If shisha and a good party are more your thing, then the second floor is your place to be. The ATEO6 wall speakers and the BASO12 bass reflex cabinet combined provides more depth and power for the perfect party atmosphere.

The entire audio installation is built around a MTX48 4-zone matrix which offers the possibility of separating the different zones from each other. The AUDAC Touch™ application makes it possible to control these various areas via a variety of units such as smartphone, tablet and many more. This way, total control of the system is possible.

Enjoy the best steak and an authentic glass of Moldovan wine at this beautiful location in the centre of Chisinau. Afterwards, you can put on your dancing shoes and so you can show off your dance moves on the second floor.

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