Ypres, Belgium

St Jacobs Church

In the search for a new sound system that is able to cover their entire church, the historic Sint-Jacobskerk, situated in Ypres, decided to choose AUDAC for the realization of their latest project. The originally 12th century Romanesque church was ruined during the first world war, but rebuilt in 1924. Nowadays, the church is still a significant monument visited by many tourists. The main challenge was to ensure that only the two front pillars were used to cover the entire surface with a high-quality sound. Thanks to the EASE simulations that were done, AUDAC GIAX speakers were proven as the ideal solution. These design column speakers are able to provide enough power to cover such a wide area without sounding too loud at short range. By focusing the sound directly to the listener’s ears and away from acoustically reflective surfaces, these column speakers are able to limit reverberation to a minimum.For a smaller upper room, the WX302 2-way speaker is used. Its discrete design makes the speaker almost invisible, nevertheless its clear sound stays remarkable.

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