Barcelona, Spain

SB Glow

Just a few minutes away from the city centre of Barcelona, in the shadow of the Torre Glòries, you can find the SB Glow hotel. This modern establishment truly has everything to make your vacation a great success. You can taste the unique Mediterranean flavours in the MUC Restaurant, gaze upon the skyline of Barcelona in the rooftop pool, keep your summer body intact at the panoramic gym and so much more! On the professional side, SB Glow offers a variety of event rooms specifically designed for meetings and presentations. 

To enrich every experience with suiting background music, Spanish installer ADAIA Integració installed a full AUDAC audio installation. 76 CS85 ceiling speakers were used as the main source of music throughout the whole hotel. They were chosen for their QuickFit™ technology, which guarantees ease of installation and their ability to easily blend into the modern interior. The bars were given some extra power in the form of 10 PX110 high-power speakers, to help liven up the evening.

For the outside areas like the rooftop terrace, 20 WX502_O Outdoor universal wall speakers were used in combination with 4 CELO8 ceiling speakers which were made waterproof by their GLC09 front grills.

A CMP30 all-in-one digital audio player enables the staff to play music from CD, MP3 & radio, all on the same device. Announcements for the visitors can easily be made via the MPX88 paging microphone. The amplification is supplied by 1 SMQ750 quad-channel power amplifier and 2 SMA750 dual-channel power amplifiers. 

The whole installation is controlled by 2 MTX88 8-zone audio matrices which allow all the different zones to be operated separately.

With so much to experience, not a single day at the SB Glow hotel will be boring!

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