Oslo, Norway


Power is one of the biggest suppliers of electronics in Norway. With over the 17.000 products and 120 stores, they offer incredible flexible delivery with the lowest prices. Power is located at premium locations throughout the country with dedicated and competent employees which ensure the right products with the best service. 

Power was recently in need of a professional audio installation in the congress hall at their head office in Oslo. At this congress hall, all major meetings and presentations took place so there was a big focus on speech intelligibility. 

Thanks to First Audio, exclusive AUDAC distributor in Norway, AUDAC became Power’s first choice for the audio system in the congress hall. Because of the focus on speech intelligibility during the meetings and presentation, they decided to install 2 GIAX column speakers. These design column speakers are able to provide enough power to cover such a wide area without sounding too loud at short range. 

In combination with the 4 ATEO6 wall speakers and 2 BASO15 Compact 15” bass reflex cabinets that were also installed on strategic points in the room the listener is now fully immersed in the sound. The entire audio system is powered by just one SMQ750 quad-channel power amplifier with WaveDynamics™ technology. 

This new AUDAC installation in the congress hall allows all employees of Power to fully use the room to its full potential. Meetings and presentations can now take place in optimal conditions. 

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