Windhoek, Namibia

Pick 'n Pay, Windhoek

Windhoek, Namibia: The Pick 'n Pay in Auas Valley Shopping Centre, received a robust new sound system thanks to the talented technicians of Event Technology, partners of South-african AUDAC distributor Stage Audio Works. Pick 'n Pay Auas Valley needed to upgrade their in-house, high voltage sound system to ensure crystal clear announcements, and evenly distributed background music, across their shop floor. The goal was to increase their audible presence, and contribute to a pleasant shopping environment for their customers. A solid, concrete ceiling with a maximum height of only three meters presented the Event Technology design team with a challenge. Low overheads such as this can result in some extreme audio hot-spots. The design team also wanted to ensure a very even audio distribution across the three thousand square-metre floor area; while also offering variable volume controls over different areas of the shop. It was a tricky and challenging task. Event Technology turned to the equipment presented by Audac because it was known to them as offering a complete range of high-end, first-class audio instrumentality. The negotiated the pitfalls of the Pick 'n Pay's design with a high number of small, distributed speakers with at least four zones of volume control. The zone control, with web-based interface, is handled by the Audac MTX48 zone control matrix. In total, 62 Audac WX302 cabinets on custom back-to-back brackets were installed over the entire floor area with excellent results. Although initially skeptical about the high number of speakers, the P+P management is very pleased with the pleasant, even coverage of the system. The client is particularly impressed with the web TCP/IP and or ipad/iphone app control capability of the system.

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