Kocaeli, Turkey

Osman Gazi Bridge exhibition

An exhibition hall dedicated to the engineering marvel that is the Ozman Gazi Bridge, has opened with a sound system from Audac. The solution was supplied by the manufacturer’s local partner Ertekin.

Named after the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman Gazi Bridge is the world’s fourth longest suspension bridge with the largest central span. Crossing Izmit bay, the bridge forms part of the new highway between Istanbul and Izmir which is aimed to cut the distance between the two cities by around 140km. The exhibition center explores the engineering that went into the construction of the bridge with a number of educational displays.

To help bring these displays to life, Ertekin recommended a solution based on Audac products. The result sees the walls of the exhibition hall peppered with the Belgian manufacturer’s WX series loudspeakers. These are powered by a CAP224 Class-D 240V 2-channel amplifier and controlled via a PRE126 two zone stereo pre-amplifier. Sources for the system include an Audac CMP30 CD/MP3/tuner all-in-one digital audio player.

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