Bocholt, Belgium

Olympic Training Centre, Sporthal Damburg

Limburg, situated in the center of the Euregion, will be an important operating base in preparation to the Olympic Games 2012 in London. Offering 11 fully-featured sports facilities and located only 1.5 hours from London, Limburg is the perfect location for Olympic sports training. We are proud that several of these selected sport facilities have chosen Audac as a provider for top quality audio installations. Now, elite athletes cannot only enjoy first-class accommodations, they also get the opportunity to experience a beautiful sound. Sporthal Damburg in Bocholt is one of these olympic training facilities. The centre is equipped with an extensive AUDAC installation, with the main hall's 12 PX115 Speaker cabinets being powered by several powerful D4 stereo amplifiers. Most speakers throughout the building are a part of a 100V installation powered by Q4 and Q2 amplifiers together with Q4TR and Q2TR 100V transformers. For example the 15 CS85's providing the cafetaria area with background music or the 8 WX802 2-way speakers covering the martial arts dojo and the dance hall. A seperate VIP area can enjoy the powerful sound of a triple channel T2 amplifier powering 4 PX110 cabinets and a SX415 Bass cabinet. Other AUDAC products used in this facility are 2 MCD15 multi CD players, 23 WX302 2-way speakers, an APG20 receiver gateway with multiple WMI and WLI wall input panels and a PRE26 preamplifier. Click here for more about olympic training centres for the 2012 games in Limburg -

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