Mouscron, Belgium

Leman Cake Decoration

Leman Cake Decorations offers a wide and creative range of cake decorations in chocolate, almond paste, sugar, wafer and plastic. The company was founded in 1963 with the confection of flowers in almond paste as main activity. Leman has been constantly growing and is now active in 35 countries around the world.

All chocolate decoration are produced in their headquarters located in Mouscron, Belgium. Everything from design, development to packaging happens under the same roof. The sugar and almond paste decorations are being manufactured in Thailand were Leman has invested in a local factory.

Due to the rapid growth, there was need for a new business complex in Mouscron which could easily accommodate all the different departments. When they were looking for a custom audio installation to fully complete their new facilities, they chose Elektro Wynant-Broekaert because of previous positive experiences with them.

They faced the challenge to develop and install an entire audio installation that seamlessly matched the expectations of the customer. For example, it was an absolute requirement that various zones could be controlled separately and that they could be linked in a time series for breaks. The system needed to be flexible, easy in use and it had to be controlled from 1 central point.

Elektro Wynant-Broekaert proposed a complete AUDAC installation as it was fully in line with their expectations. Almost 100 loudspeakers are used throughout the complex. The offices and hallways are mostly equipped with the CS74 and CS75 ceiling speakers while the production hall and warehouse are equipped with the WX502 wall speakers. The MTX48 and MTX88 made it possible to easily control all different areas of the facility.

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