Bordeaux, France

La Terrasse By Pop Art

What’s the only thing that can make a good dinner even better? Enjoying it accompanied by good friends and sunny weather. And there’s no better place to do this than at La Terrasse By Pop Art. The restaurant in Bordeaux, France serves a great mix of the French and Spanish cuisine in the form of lovely tapas and grill dishes. They also have some irresistible desserts you should definitely try out. Add a cocktail to the mix and you’re all set for a great evening. 

All of this can be enjoyed on their beautiful terrace. Even when the weather could be better, this terrace’s warm colours brighten up your day. It was provided with 10 WX502_O outdoor universal wall speakers to add some suiting background music that creates the perfect chilled atmosphere. These outdoor speakers were the best choice for La Terrasse due to their exceptional weatherproof qualities. The WX502_O’s AWX5™ connector guarantees a superior connection in any type of weather condition, while the aluminium mounting bracket provides the necessary protection.  

When you’re in need of some summer vibes, be sure to visit La Terrasse By Pop Art! 

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