Manchester, United Kingdom

Joshua Brooks

Opened in 1993, Joshua Brooks is a famous underground music venue in Manchester, UK. Fun fact: they played host to the Chemical Brothers when they had their first gig in the city. Now, they mostly focus on the eclectic sides of electronic music. 

Aside from their music venue, Joshua Brooks has a lot more to offer. The upstairs of the venue features burger restaurant “Big Grillie Style”, where you can get some delicious rap-themed burgers like the “Still DRE” or the “Wu Tang Scran” along with some refreshing beers. Sport fans can also come watch their favourite team perform on the big screen.

The upstairs was in need of an installation that provided their music loving guests with high-quality background music, without being too intrusive. Our CELO8 High-end 2-way 8” ceiling speakers proved to be the ideal solution for this because of their high-end sound reproduction and their SlimLine™ grill, which allows the speakers to seamlessly blend into the environment. The whole installation is powered by 2 SMQ750 quad-channel power amplifiers, while the MTX88 8-zone audio matrix allows complete control of each separate zone in the restaurant.

Every music lover should definitely stop by Joshua Brooks for a burger, a beer and a party to never forget!  

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