Pasay, Philippines

IKEA Pasay city

The first IKEA in the Philippines and the world’s largest IKEA is located at the mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City, one of the largest malls in the Philippines. For more than 70 years, IKEA has been working to create a better everyday life, with a wide variety of home solutions. If you are looking for stylish, modern items, DIY furniture and space-saving design ideas, IKEA Philippines is the perfect budget-friendly store to visit. There is also a food court that serves Swedish meatballs, pasta and steaks, as well as delicious unlimited coffee.

469 Grey and 1.001 white CSF506 ceiling speakers with fire dome 100V were equipped at IKEA. The CSF506 is a fire-protected ceiling speaker with a 5” cone. It ensures a good reproduction of speech and background music and is equipped with a special steel fire protection dome fitted around the speaker. The steel front grill is designed with flame-retardant materials. An additional 200 CHA660 2-way horn loudspeakers 6.5” are used throughout the complex, designed for long-throw, full-range reproduction of music and speech through the world's largest IKEA.

36 White AWP06 SpringFitTM waterproof ceiling speakers 8Ω and 100V were installed at the budget-friendly store. Thanks to the wide, smooth frequency response and high efficiency, this speaker ensures high-fidelity music reproduction and intelligible speech at very low distortion. Designed to perform excellently in, in- and outdoor environments.

Other than playing music, there was also a need for practical applications for the system. The PDM200 paging microphone makes it easy to transmit spoken messages into the massive store. This way, it's possible to quickly transfer messages to employees and inform customers about the latest promotions. Through the VC3062 100V volume controller 60W 80 X 80 MM the speakers can be adjusted, featuring a slim and good-looking design that blends in with IKEA’s interior.

Smart solutions for an organized home at IKEA Philippines together with AUDAC audio solutions for an unforgettable experience for customers and employees. 

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