Maasmechelen, Belgium

Giuliano Pastabar

The Giuliano pasta restaurant chain chose for AUDAC for its entire audio system in Maasmechelen, Belgium. The large complex with over 180 seating spots and more than 40 staff members is located in shopping centre Maasmechelen Village. Due to the high ceilings and the size of the project, both the local AUDAC dealer S2 Pro and end customer relied on AUDAC’s experience for the choice of models and location of them. In total they installed 10 x ATEO6 loudspeakers at the larger dining area with 2 x SX408 complementary 8” subwoofers. The restaurant also houses an orangerie where 8 x CELO8 ceiling speakers provided an ideal audio solution. For the kitchen, toilets and washing area they chose for a combination of CS75 ceiling speakers and WX502/OB weatherproof wall speakers. Besides the sub cabinets which where powered by DPA series amplifiers, the complete installation was powered by the digital CAP series multi-channel 100V amplifiers. To divide and control this audio system into separate zones they installed a web based MTX88 audio matrix. The result is an astonishing sound troughout the complete restaurant satisfying each customer with detailed Italian classic music.

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