Mechelen, Belgium

FNG Group

FNG is a fast growing Benelux fashion group with activities all over Europe. FNG designs and distributes clothing and shoes for women, children and men through its own concept stores at top locations in Belgium and the Netherlands, but also through a network of multi-brand stores across Europe.

The FNG brands such as Fred & Ginger have a distinct, recognizable identity and a strong value-for-money proposition. At the basis of each collection is a top team of house stylists. They design with a lot of passion, professional knowledge and creativity garments that fit perfectly within the strategic guidelines and the DNA of their brand.

As a fashion company, it was only natural that their new headquarters in Mechelen would also become a beautifully designed building with the highest standards. In order to stimulate the productivity and creativity of the staff, they equipped the entire complex with an professional audio installation that effortlessly blends in with its surroundings and ensured clear sound quality.

Electro Corbeels provided a well-balanced AUDAC audio system consisting of 3 individual installations. The WX302 Universal Wall Speakers were used to provide that clear sound quality. They are powered by the PRE116 and CPA12 (pre-)amplifiers to ensure enough power when needed. The easy-to-use CMP30 digital audio player is used in each zone as an audio source. Thanks to its multifunctional use, music can be powered through CD, MP3 or Radio.

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