Toruń, Poland

Dom Pizza & Tapas

Dom Pizza & Tapas is a restaurant that focuses on pizza, tapas & other Southern European dishes. It’s located in the great city of Torun in Poland. It combines a beautiful  and colourful  interior with a southern European menu which creates a very unique dining experience.

To take their restaurant to the next level, they needed a new professional audio solution that fits their needs seamlessly. To guarantee a succesful installation, OPO Group supplied the AUDAC devices that were installed by AVALON. Preserving the looks of the interior was very important for the restaurant since its designed using many different colours while still creating  a classic atmosphere. To ensure the equipment matched the interior, 30 x ATEO6 wallspeaker were used since it features a elegant looking ABS housing which is fitted with high quality components. The mounting bracket was especially designed for this product using Clevermount, making the loudspeaker cabinet flow together cleanly with the mounting bracket. This results in one good-looking entity that is also very easy to install.  The ATEO6 was a solid fit for the application to guarantee a high-fidelity reproduction of music and speech, which is crucial in a demanding location like a restaurant.

To boost the sound quality and installability even more, 20 ATEO6 wallspeakers were installed using the WMA60 extension mount to increase the angle range with 30° . This results in a great flexibility in mounting options making it an ideal solution for Dom Pizza & Tapas. 2 outdoor versions of the WX502 universal wall speaker  were installed outside to create a special atmosphere covering the entire domain of the restaurant. Controlling their audio set-up has never so easy. A MTX88 8-zone audio matrix has been used so the audio set-up can be divided in up to 8 zones. These zones can be configured and controlled with great ease from 1 centralised location by using AUDAC Touch™. 

To make sure the installation has enough power different series of amplifiers were used. 2 amplifiers of the CAP-series were used as a no-nonsense amplifier to make things straight forward and to make it easily installable. Also, a PMQ480 power amplifier was used to improve the acoustical performance in specific rooms thanks to its loudspeaker presets and full system configuration. For providing a source to play music, a XMP44 modular audio system was installed with 2 IMP40 internet audio player modules built in. 

With their new professional audio solution from AUDAC, Dom Pizza & Tapas is ready to give their customers a unique Southern European dining experience in the beautiful city of Torun, in the heart of Poland.

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