Streefkerk, the Netherlands

De Limonadefabriek

The harbor in Streefkerk in the Netherlands is home to a floating restaurant called ‘De Limonadefabriek’. This extraordinary building includes a restaurant, a bistro, a cooking studio and several luxurious hotel rooms. The complete audio system for this project has been provided by the AUDAC distributor for The Netherlands, Audiobizz. A total of 10 WX502 speakers and 2 WX302 speakers were installed. Audiobizz also provided them with the CMP30 all in one player and a PRE26 2-zone pre amplifier powered by one digital four channel DPA154 amplifier and one digital three channel DPA73 amplifier. The third channel of the DPA73 is used for powering the additional CS1000 ceiling subwoofer that provides the warm true to nature bass the Limonadefabriek owners were searching for.

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