Scheveningen, the Netherlands

Culpepper beachclub

Culpepper beach club located at Scheveningen seaside, lets you enjoy wood oven baked pizza’s, organic specialty dishes & funky cocktails . The eatery calls itself the most sustainable beach club of Scheveningen, as it only uses biological products in its dishes and cocktails. But besides food & drinks the club is also known for its cordial atmosphere & coziness. 

But with the club’s terrace located only a couple of meters from the coastline, the owners were looking for an audio system able to withstand the typical weather conditions found at the beach. Such as the salt and humid air, as well as sand dust and stormy weathers.

AUDAC partner RF Shows decided to go with our WX502/O outdoor wall speakers that are specially treated for outdoor usage. Not only do they have a special designed drain hole behind their aluminum grill so the water gets out easily, their brackets also feature an extra powder coating to better withstand salt & sand (WX502/O easily passed the 96 hours salt-spray test).  

 A total of 13 WX502/O were placed at the Culpepper beach club all powered by one CAP424 Quad-channel power amplifier 4 x 240W 100V.

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