Bratislava, Slovakia

Council Hall Karlova Ves

In the small, wine-making village of Karlova Ves near the border of Austria the local Council hall had a problem of poor intelligibility and sound quality. Luckily AUDAC partner G-Tec Professional was asked by sound engineer Mr. Scasny to propose a setup that was visible yet very minimalistic and could produce a crystal-clear sound.

Therefore, the decision was made to equip Council Hall with CMX215 gooseneck microphones, which have a small footprint and give great results. After completion of the project the council members were astonished by the sound quality these pipe-neck microphones could deliver. Thanks to the great result achieved with exchanging microphones, the decision makers of the Town Hall asked G-Tec to continue upgrading their sound system. This was done by replacing the existing speakers with high-end CELO6 ceiling speakers.

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