Hamme, Belgium

Carrefour Market Hamme

With an old audio installation dated from before 1980, the owners of Carrefour supermarket in Hamme, Belgium knew it was time for a new high-quality sound system. Design and sound were the most important factors that the new sound system had to satisfy. After consulting with AUDAC Partner Pro Gear their choice for the Belgian brand AUDAC, specialized in pristine audio installations was easily made.

28 x ATEO4 4” wall speakers were installed and fitted perfectly with the existing light fittings thanks to the RMA40A light track adapter. The ATEO loudspeakers were chosen for their elegant and modern design in combination of in combination with the ease of installation and maintenance. Together with 8 x CS1000S/W in ceiling subwoofers, all the loudspeakers were strategically placed to maximalise the distribution of the audio throughout the entire supermarket. 

A PRE220 two zone – 10 channel stereo pre-amplifier was provided to serve the supermarket with the right music and voice messages. And to spread these voice messages quickly and easily, 7 x PDM200 paging microphones were installed at each cash register and other strategic locations. 2400 Watts of amplification is provided by the PMQ600 WaveDynamics™ quad-channel 100V power amplifier. To ensure that the audio is also distributed to the staff area, 1 x ATEO6 wall speaker and 3 x WX502 universal wall speakers were installed as well.

Shopping now also becomes a musical pleasure in the Carrefour in Hamme thanks to the AUDAC audio installation.

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