Ghent, Belgium

Campus Kantienberg, Artevelde Hogeschool

Ghent’s Artevelde hogeschool recently moved into their Kantienberg campus. This building offers room for 4000 students from the faculties such as Business management and Nursing. This eyecatching building has 5 auditoriums, and installer Imtech came to AUDAC for advice on how to handle the problems they faced for installing audio there. Accoustically speaking, large spaces always prove to be a challenge. These auditoriums were no exception, especially because of the striking design and concrete finishing used.The exact specification of the spaces were measured, and audio installation engineers at AUDAC ran multiple acoustic EASE Simulations to see what speakers meet the Artevelde’s requirements. After careful deliberation, the CS75 ceilingspeakers came out as theperfect fit. These 2-way speakers deliver excellent coverage and intelligibility in the school’s auditoriums.The smaller halls are fitted with 6 CS75 speakers. The largest auditorium, offering seating to over 350 people, is perfectly covered using only 12 of these ceiling-mounted CS75.Pictures provided by Crepain Binst Architecture.

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