Cornwall, United Kingdom

Bodmin Jail Experience

Bodmin Jail attraction is a brand new award winning immersive experience, taking a 90 minute walk through the haunting & dark history of Bodmin Jail, first opened in 1779 for King George III and closed in 1927. The 'Dark Walk' uses theatrical and cinematic special effects alongside the latest in audio visual technology to transport visitors to the past, enabling a first-hand experience of prison life in the 18th and 19th century on the windswept moors.

In conjunction with the client Milano Developments / Sarner International, LT Projects specified, planned and installed all aspects of the AV and control Systems install including Audac WX302/B & WX502/B speakers used specifically for unobtrusive point source reproduction of the immersive soundscapes created by Peter Key Sound design specifically specified By LTP.

The WX speakers provide a full range sound for the special effects and crucially, high quality vocal intelligibility throughout - all loudspeakers are powered using Audac SMA and SMQ series Class-D power amplifiers delivering sound into multiple zones across the whole Experience. Procurement was uncomplicated, pricing for the quality delivered exactly what was needed for the budget, and the resulting feedback from visitors to the experience has been excellent. Bodmin Jail Attraction was crowned the winner of 'Best Themed Entertainment & Attraction Project of the Year' at the 2021 National AV Awards and winner of Visit England’s 'Best Told Story' accolade 2021.

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