Bilbao, Spain

Beher restaurant

Beher is a Spanish ham producer specialized in iberico products. The company also has its own shops and restaurants in Spain and Portugal. For their newest location in Bilbao, they needed a professional audio system to make sure the experience of their atmosphere is at the same level as with their products.

Because the building exists of both a restaurant and a shop, making the system easy to control was crucial for the company to guarantee an efficient implementation of the audio installation. That’s why integrator Seesound  chose for the M TX48 – 4-zone audio matrix. The matrix has 4 unbalanced stereo line inputs to divide the building in 4 possible zones. Thanks to compatibility with AUDAC Touch™ where you can control all devices  and the rotary button of the device  per zone, controlling the entire set-up is made easy and accessible for the entire staff. To continue the trend of easy to install and control devices, a CAP412 – Quad-channel power amplifier 4 x 120W 100V was installed to power the audio installation. It is designed as a no-nonsense amplifier with only the necessary connections which creates great simplicity in use and installation.

12 elegant and easy installable ATEO4MK2 – Wall speaker with CleverMount™ were used to guarantee a solid fit into the design of the restaurant and shop. The ATEO4MK2 Wall speaker is equipped with a new crossover compared to its predecessor guaranteeing high quality background music in a noise filled room like a restaurant.  To make the ATEO4MK2 fit perfectly in the environment, a WMA40 – extension mount was used to increase the installation angle which also resulted in an improvement in acoustical performance.

To bring out the best of the high quality products of Beher, their shop and restaurant needs to be on par with their products. Thanks to the new professional audio installation  from AUDAC, Beher can now receive clients in the best possible environment to guarantee an excellent experience for the visitors.

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