Lausanne, Switzerland

Bateau CGN Le Rhône

Bateau Le Rhône, built in 1927, is one of the Belle Epoque jewels of the Compagnie Générale de Navigation sur le Léman (CGN). Le Rhône is classified as a historic Vaudois monument, as well as a cultural heritage of national importance. Bateau CGN Le Rhône is the last paddle wheeled steamer built entirely in Switzerland, sailing on the Geneva Lake. The beautiful boat distinguishes itself by its unique steam engine, with automatic pressurized lubrication. With an elegant atmosphere, this boat of the Belle Époque fleet is the ideal place to organize events and weddings.  

"Le Rhône has not only been restored, but it has also been brought closer than ever to its original state," said Benoît Gaillard. AUDAC has contributed to this restoration by implementing an innovative audio solution.   

12 LINO4 column speakers 4 x 2” were installed by TV Kaltenrieder. The LINO series column speakers are designed for acoustic difficult environments, ranging from speech and announcement to background music systems. Trough reducing the echo and microphone feedback to optimize the intelligibility of music and speech, allowing guests to enjoy the experience to the fullest.  

The COM104 public address amplifier is a compact and versatile public address mixing amplifier. Because of the compact and simple design this amplifier can be installed in any location through any possible user, even on a beautiful restored wheeled steamer from 1927.  

8 WX502/O outdoor universal wall speakers were equipped. The WX502/O 2-way performance speaker is specially designed for outdoor used, resistant to extreme weather conditions and passed the 96 hours salt-spray test. Through the WX502/O outdoor universal wall speakers excellent sound quality and speech intelligibility are achieved on deck, a full sound experience. 

For exceptional intelligibility and musical performance 7 CIRA7 QuickFit™ 2-way 6.5" ceiling speakers with TwistFix™ grill were equipped. The TwistFix™ borderless grill makes the CIRA7 QuickFit™ 2-way 6.5" ceiling speakers grill almost unnoticeable and blends in with the interior of the boat. The ceiling speakers offer great installer convenience with the QuickFit™ installation system and are controlled by the CAP quad-channel power amplifier in a 100V system.  

Guests can enjoy this exclusive experience and incredible view on the historic Vaudois monument, Le Rhône, even more with this AUDAC installation, creating a unique atmosphere and sound experience.

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