Roeselare, Belgium


Agrotopia, located in Roeselare, Belgium, is a pioneering project developed together by Inagro and the province of West Flanders. Covering an impressive 9000 m², this groundbreaking greenhouse stands as the largest rooftop greenhouse in Europe, showcasing a fusion of cutting-edge technology and sustainable agriculture practices. This synergy enables groundbreaking research within the agricultural sector.

AUDAC's audio solutions, played a pivotal role in enhancing the auditory experience within Agrotopia, contributing to the facility's mission of revolutionizing agricultural research and education. AUDAC's certified partner Ocular, focused on delivering crisp sound reproduction and seamless integration, complementing Agrotopia's multimedia infrastructure and elevating the visitor experience to new heights.

Despite the unique challenges posed by Agrotopia's multimedia infrastructure, including managing intense light conditions and maintaining optimal resolution amidst varying temperatures, the final outcome is worth it. The seamless integration of audio has transformed Agrotopia into a beacon of innovation, offering a captivating journey into the world of sustainable agriculture.

Agrotopia's audio setup features a blend of high-quality products tailored for diverse needs. The MFA216 all-in-one audio solution, coupled with KYRA12 design column speakers and the NOBA8A compact bass cabinet, ensures optimal sound quality and coverage throughout the facility.

Furthermore, the provided audio solution includes ATEO6 wall speakers, a BASO12 subwoofer, CELO8 ceiling speakers complemented with the CELO8S ceiling subwoofer. Adding to that are the ALTI6 pendant speakers. They ensure that despite the high ceilings the sound is still conveyed in a quality manner to visitors. Powered by two EPA254’s, to enhance the overall audio experience and providing a versatile and immersive soundscape.  

Undoubtly, the AUDAC professional audio integration took the experience of Agrotopia to a higher level. 

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