Zakcret Sports

Athens, Greece

The Greek company Zakcret Sports has become one of the biggest sports retail chains in Greece. Apart from the largest sports Eshop in Greece, the Zakcret brand now features 12 contemporary retail stores across the Greek mainland. When designing their flagship store on Ermou street, in the city center of Athens, the management of Zakcret Sports was looking for an audio system that wasn’t only able to deliver superior audio quality to provide the store with background music and speech intelligibility. They were also looking for a system that matched the high design standards which the Zakcret stores are known for. As sport articles are typically very colorful  the Zakcret brand consequently chooses to work with white colors as a common threat in their stores, to make the contrast even bigger.

For this reason the Athens based AV dealer Audio&Vision decided to go with our white “industrial design” WX502W speakers to blend in perfectly with the surroundings. To distribute music and intercom messages over 4 separate zones, the MTX48 matrix was used accompanied of an DPA15 amplifier. 

Products used:

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