UD Woonlabo

Hasselt, Belgium

In a typical townhouse in the center of the city of Hasselt/Belgium, ‘UD Woonlabo’ introduces you to the trump cards of Universal Design. Here, you learn how to construct or renovate a house that is suitable for everyone. Or more commonly, experience how to grow old comfortably in your dream house.Studies have shown that by 2050, 1 in 4 Belgians will be retired. So not only the government saw great potential in this project but also AUDAC decided it was time to set an example.AUDAC installed an R2 multi zone audio matrix with wall panels in each zone while also allowing the users to control the system simply by using any smart device like for instance an iPad. Besides the user-friendliness AUDAC also put great care in the audio quality produced by this system. That is why they decided to install the high-end Celo- ,Cuban- and Ateo series depending on the requirements for each room.By linking this audio system to the installed home automation installation it allows the user to enjoy the music and presentations from any of the AUDAC- or home automation panels.

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