Sneaker Cage

Athens, Greece

The Sneaker Cage is a new retail fashion store in Greece and hosts top level sneakers from retro, limited edition collections & fresh releases of all iconic brands like Nike and Adidas. The main goal of the new store is to offer the best retail experience available to a customer. This mean that they not only attach importance on a webshop for user convenience but also to providing a trendy shop in which customers can try every sneaker in an enjoyable setting. The idea for opening this store derived from Zakcret Sports who has established itself as a leading retailer of branded sportswear and fashionwear in Greece. 

They wanted the store to be focused more on unique behaviors, on trend setters and on life itself. They were searching for discrete, but still powerful loudspeakers to provide this hip store with suitable music.

The smaller ATEO2 speakers from AUDAC provides the store with enjoyable music without being too big. The BASO10 bass speakers made sure that the beautiful sound of the ATEO2 speakers were accompanied by a powerful bass. This complete setup from AUDAC makes sure that the customers have an unforgettable shopping experience.

Products used:

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