Rucphen, the Netherlands

If you think of Holland, you think of a flat terrain known for its tulips, famous cheese as well as its wooden shoes. But that you can instead also slip into ski shoes and go skiing year-round in the Netherlands is by far a less-known fact. With a total of nine indoor ski resorts, Holland offers the largest number of such leisure time facilities in Europe.The first indoor resort built in 1995 in Rucphen went through a comprehensive expansion just a few months ago. To cover their 3 new ski slopes with audio they turned to AUDAC. After an acoustic simulation it became clear that they would need to use 6 x HS212T Horn loaded 2-way loudspeakers with 3 located on the bottom side of the slope and 3 other halfway on the slope. To align these loudspeakers they relied on the delay function within the M2 multi-media digital audio mixer that was installed. To power these 6 Horns they used 2 x Q4 quad channel power amplifiers together with 2 x Q4TR quad channel 100V transformer units. Resulting in an entity that more than satisfies, owners and daily visitors with an unmatched audio coverage of the slope.

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