Reading Girls' School

Reading, United Kingdom

Reading Girls’ School is a girls-exclusive Foundation School situated in South Reading, open to girls of all abilities. All students are encouraged to strive for excellence and the school aims to challenge and motivate girls to maximize their potential, both academically and socially.

In order to ensure smooth daily operations and safety within the school, a complete audio installation was required that could handle important announcements for the students but could also provide some background music during lunch breaks. The installer provided the school with a complete AUDAC audio system with switchable talk over function.

The CS55/W in-ceiling loudspeakers delivers exceptional sound quality and value for a wide range of applications, which makes them perfect for the school’s needs. The loudspeakers are amplified by the CPA12 power amplifier and the input source is a CMP30 all-in one digital audio player that provides the school with the flexibility of using a variety of sources such as a CD-player, an MP3 player and an AF/FM tuner. 

Through the complete AUDAC setup, the school is now suited with all the technologies necessary for enabling the students to develop themselves in the right atmosphere. The only problem now is meeting the musical taste of 500 different students!

Products used:

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