Pazuzu Club

Corfu, Greece

One of the most popular beaches on the island Corfu is Glyfada. Located 16 km west of Corfu Town it is home to many watersport facilities, shops and clubs.The Pazuzu Club is one of the most important clubs on the island. Because of AUDAC’s wide range of outdoor loudspeakers, the choice was obvious to the owners.This unique environment faced some challenges during the design. Not only did the speakers have to be resistant to extreme weather conditions and salt exposure on the beach, the club also needed to provide an impressive sound experience to visitors in and around the club.In order to create the right atmosphere, a combination of WX802/OB, WX502/OB and WX302/OB 2-way loudspeakers were installed, together with complementary BASO12 compact 12" bass reflex bass cabinets.To cover the large beach area, HS212MK2 horn loaded 2-way loudspeakers are mounted on top of the terrace. For the amplification they chose a COM12MK2 public address amplifier for the 100V lines while the larger system was powered by a combination of SMA350, SMA500 and SMQ350 WaveDynamicsTM power amplifiers. Thanks to the WaveDynamicsTM dsp processing inside the amplifiers, the installer was able to load the exact preset for each loudspeaker enabling the most accurate speaker protection and acoustical optimization for this application.

Products used:

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