Fire Station

Antwerp, Belgium

In November 2008 the fire department of Antwerp received a brand new audio-visual alarm system. This system allows the new Fire station to call up their firemen in different areas of the fire station depending on which department has to be alarmed.AUDAC mainly used CSE55 ceiling speakers to do the job. The CSE55 is the newest single cone loudspeaker and is integrated with a red signal LED (24 V). With this speaker they are able to execute audio as well as visual alarm signals separately or simultaneously. Each of the 237 installed CSE55's can produce an amazing sound pressure up to 100 dB.In the Fire Station there are 3 AUDAC APM panels divided over the whole building. With these 3 panels they can transmit an alarm in 16 separate different zones e.g. the library, the kitchen, the bedroom of the firemen... The signal, which is given by one of the 3 panels, goes directly to the main computer which activates the right scenario.With the CSE55 it is also possible to deliver high-quality announcements to the firemen, play quiet background music and of course transmit an alarm signal in case of an emergency. Together with its modern design the CSE55 ceiling speakers fit perfectly with the new building.

Products used:

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