BMW Van Den Broeck

Dilbeek, Belgium

The popular car brand BMW is a German multinational company that produces automobiles and motorcycles. Belonging to the top of auto manufacturers of the world and by providing fast and safe cars, they have earned a very positive reputation over the years. BMW thinks that ecological and social sustainability, comprehensive product responsibility and a clear commitment to conserving resources are very important, especially for a car manufacturer.

BMW Van Den Broeck is a retail store of the German car brand and offers the latest models and even used BMW cars. When they wanted to renew their showroom at Dilbeek, a need for a new audio installation occurred. An AUDAC installation was the best option and now, speakers are installed in different zones at the site to handle various needs.

The entrance hall, the showroom, the meeting areas and the cafeteria are provided with suitable background music thanks to 4 CS75/W and 35 CS85/W ceiling speakers which deliver exceptional sound quality. The big car depot at the back of the site consists of 9 SP20 sound projectors for important announcements.

All of these speakers are powered by 2 different CAP quad-channel power amplifier amplifiers: a CAP412 and a CAP424. The input of the sound is through 2 XMP44 professional modular audio systems with different modular accessories: an MMP40 media player & recorder module, an IMP40 internet audio player module and 4 TMP40 FM tuner modules.

Both amplifiers are connected to 2 MTX88 8-zone audio matrixes which makes it a breeze to control the whole audio installation in the retail shop.

This audio setup from AUDAC completes the renovation of the BMW showroom in Dilbeek allowing customers to search comfortably for their new luxury car. 

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