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Have you always wanted to experience the amazing beauty of the Antarctic? From the 17th of October 2019 until the 30th of August 2020, this is entirely possible at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels, Belgium. Last year, they opened their highly anticipated Antarctica Exhibition where you get the exclusive chance to explore the 14 million square kilometres big continent as if you’re actually there. Immerse yourself in the breath-taking landscapes and learn more about the different species of animals that have made Antarctica their home. 

At this exhibition, immersion was the top priority. Everything needed to feel as real as possible to create the best possible experience for the visitors. Sound plays an important role in creating this grand sensation. To provide the museum with the most detailed, crisp sound, AUDAC certified partner Ocular installed a combination of WX502 universal wall speakers and PX112 High-power speakers. To complete the sound experience, two BASO10 bass reflex cabinets were added to create the necessary vibes. This setup ensures the most qualitative sound while seamlessly blending into the environment, keeping the immersion complete.

The Antarctica exhibition is an eye-opening experience that both showcases the beauty and fragility of the continent of ice. Make sure to pay a visit to the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences to experience this yourself.  

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