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Active audio transceivers XLR
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The WMI are flush mountable Wall Microphone Input Units, which can be integrated into several kinds of installation materials for system integration. They are fitted with a Female XLR input connector on the front side and a terminal block connector on the rear side. The signal which is applied to the input connection is converted to a differential signal with increased voltage levels. This way, the signal is made insensitive to interference and noise and can be transferred over a long distance without any loss of quality. This allows reliable signal transmission up to 300 meters over CAT5E (or better) twisted pair cabling. A jumper on the rear side allows enabling of 15 Volts phantom power. It should be used in combination with a matching device on the receiver end.

Technical specifications

Available models
WMI18/W Wall microphone input unit (45 x 45 mm)
System specifications
Inputs Connector XLR female connector
Outputs Type 4-pin Euro Terminal Block (Pitch - 3.81 mm)
Signal Mono audio transfer
Level Differential with increased Voltage levels
Cabling UTP CAT5E (or better)
Max. cable length 11811.024 "
Power Consumption 0.95 W - 40 mA / 24 V
Phantom Power 12 V DC
Product Features
Dimensions 1.77 x 1.77 x 1.97 " (W x H x D)
Construction ABS
Mounting 45 x 45 mm
Colours Black (RAL9005) (WMI18/B)
White (RAL9010) (WMI18/W)
Accessories Optional CP45CF1 Cover frame
CP45CF2 Cover frame
Recommended applications
Bars & Restaurants

Peripheral device compatibility table

M2 R2 MTX AMP523MK2 APG20 LX523 ARU1xx AMP20
WLI checkmark checkmark checkmark
WMI checkmark checkmark checkmark
DW506x checkmark checkmark
DW30/40x checkmark checkmark
MWX65 checkmark
MWX4x checkmark checkmark
APM1xx checkmark checkmark checkmark checkmark
WP523 checkmark checkmark
MPX48/88 checkmark
ARU1xx checkmark checkmark checkmark


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