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At AUDAC, we are committed every day to ensuring the security of our products, systems and services to the best of our ability. This, along with delivering exceptional experiences that our customers and partners expect.

AUDAC security LAN separation
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AUDAC security LAN separation

As very common in bigger networks, it is advised to separate different parts of the network from each other. It is encouraged to separate the audio network from any production network. This way, you can choose which devices are allowed to access the audio equipment, and vice versa.

Internal use only
Choose a trusted partner

Internal use only

As we suggested above to be selective which the devices you allow to the audio equipment, it is strongly discouraged to allow external users or devices to connect to audio devices. The use of portforwarding or direct routing is out of the question and should never be used.

If you want to allow outside connections, consider the use of a secured VPN tunnel.

A security warning doesn’t always mean a security issue
Check than connect

A security warning doesn’t always mean a security issue

Some AUDAC devices are running a webserver on port 80. Your browser, firewall, or other security products might warn you about an unsafe connection. Security standards of websites have changed. Never trust a public website without a valid certificate.

For internal usage, there is no achievable way to add a trusted certificate to an AUDAC device, so this warning will keep popping up. As long as you are sure, you are connecting to the correct ip-address of the AUDAC device, there is no risk in ignoring this message.

With the release of AUDAC Touch™ there is no need to use the web interface anymore. Soon, all devices will be supported in our App.

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