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Premium background music

ALTI series
Premium background music

ALTI series

Constructed out of high quality components, the ALTI series provides premium performance for demanding applications. Storing the connection cable, steel suspension and safety wire in one single outer jacket in combination with a secure Dual Gripple™ locking system makes the ALTI series unique in its kind.

  • All-in one outer jacket
  • Dual Gripple™ fixation
  • Premium acoustic components
  • Removable rear cover, also when connected
  • Ceiling cable cover for clean design
  • 3.5m Suspension cable with dual steel core
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Public address

Public address


The SP series are high efficiency sound projectors designed to provide great speech intelligibility and background music reproduction. The 360° horizontal coverage pattern makes the loudspeaker the perfect fit for big open areas like factory halls or large retail spaces.

  • Weatherproof - IP56 rating
  • Weatherproof ABS sealed construction
  • Designed for clear speech intelligibility and background music
  • Multi-tapping 70/100V line transformer
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