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In our download section you will find all our different brochures, various software downloads and technical documents in different formats and files. Can't find the right download? Feel free to contact us!

  • EASE Address files

    This download contains the EASE Address software information for AUDAC speakers. EASE Address is software that allows the modelling of distributed loudspeaker systems in two dimensions. The EASE Address is publicly available and free.

    Download EASE Address from this location:

  • EASE files

    This download contains the EASE software information for all the AUDAC speakers. EASE software provides system designers with a set of tools for all aspects of professional practice, from detailed, realistic modelling and simulation of venue acoustics and sound system performance for client presentations, as well to professional data assessment and verification.

  • AUDAC Bars and Restaurants brochure

    This brochure is specifically tailored to the needs of bars & restaurants decision-makers. With this helpful tool, you can easily introduce different AUDAC solutions at a glance.

    It contains various realized projects with the corresponding challenges that had to be solved as well as complete product setup examples, perfect for architectural cafes and eateries.

  • AUDAC Brand brochure

    This brand new AUDAC brochure will be taking you behind the scenes, show you the foundations that have formed the brand and lets you experience our passion for sound.

  • AUDAC Checksum Calculator

    When using commands sent over TCP/IP, a universal checksum can be used “U”. but when commands been to be send via RS232 communication the checksum should always be calculated. In order to make programming your installations faster and easier. Audac has developed a quick and easy program to make these calculations for you.

    Simply input the device address, command and argument then click on the calculate button.

  • AUDAC Discreet Sound Solutions brochure

    An impressive brochure showing the advantages of AUDAC's discreet sound solutions. This 28-page luxury brochure Includes the technical specifications, mounting possibilities and the set solutions of all discreet solutions AUDAC has to offer.

  • AUDAC Professional Audio Players catalogue

    Inside this catalogue, you will find an impressive range of audio and media player solutions. This range includes professional internet audio players, media players, FM tuners, DAB tuners, voice file player and even multi-functional SourceCon™ amplifiers.

  • EASE Focus installer with AUDAC files

    This download contains the EASE Focus installer and software information for AUDAC speakers. EASE Focus 3 is an acoustic simulation program for 3D modelling of line arrays, sub arrays, digitally steered columns and conventional loudspeakers.

    EASE Address is software that allows the modelling of distributed loudspeaker systems in two dimensions. The EASE Address is publicly available and free.

  • Microsoft Visio files

    Working on a connection diagram for your next installation? You can now use the AUDAC drawing stencils in your Microsoft Visio diagrams. The provided .vssx files can be opened with Microsoft Visio 2013 and above and can be a visual aid when presenting your next AUDAC project.

  • AUDAC Logo pack

    In need of the official AUDAC logo for your next project. In this logo package, you can find the AUDAC logo, formatted in image format and vectorial. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information about the use cases.

  • AUDAC catalogue

    This new version of the AUDAC catalogue showcases the complete and renewed AUDAC product line. This beautifully illustrated and in-depth catalogue consists of 200 pages, neatly wrapped together within a soft touch hard cover or available for download via the link provided above.

  • AUDAC New products 2024

    This 36-page brochure includes detailed information on new AUDAC products that recently have been launched at ISE2024 and can be used in conjunction with our current AUDAC full-range catalogue.

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