Bruges, Belgium

Sports Flanders

Sports Flanders, located in Bruges, is a gigantic sports complex that offers a wide range of modern indoor sports facilities for the active sportsman. For this massive building, the AUDAC partner MvN Sound & Light provided an audio installation in various sporting halls, hallways and meeting rooms.

To control the audio in these 24 zones, the AUDAC partner installed three R2 multi-zone digital audio matrix systems that all are linked with an OPT2 optical fiber kit for transferring the audio signals. Supported by the DW5066 digital all-in-one panel, the most fitted music can be picked for any activity. Initiators can connect their own audio source to give an extra touch of motivation during the various workouts and exercises.

An APM116MK2 digital paging microphone is also connected to the matrix system for paging up to 16 assigned zones. In total, MvN Sound & Light installed 22 PX115MK2 full range high-power speakers in the largest sporting halls. The steel grill and firm wooden construction of the PX115MK2 give the right protection needed against potential projectiles.

The corridors and the smaller rooms in the building are equipped with speakers from the WX series. These universal wall speakers give a true-to-nature, high fidelity reproduction of music and speech in all the locations where they are installed. For the meeting rooms, lobby and lounges, ATEO wall speaker were used. The elegant looking speakers are fitted with high-quality components resulting in a true full range sound reproduction. For control of the audio system, DW5066 digital all-in-one wall panels are placed in most of the rooms and sporting halls. With these wall panels, the instructor can input a microphone or local audio source and control the volume of any location.

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