Boom, Belgium

Atlas Copco Rental

The Swedish company Atlas Copco specializes in providing industrial productivity solutions. Their products and services range from air and gas compressors, vacuum solutions, power groups, construction and mining equipment, industrial tools and assembly systems to the related service department. The development of their innovative products and services is focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

The company decided to build a brand-new site in Boom, Belgium called ‘Atlas Copco Rental’. This new site represents the new headquarters of the rental division instead of the previous one in Houston, America. The need for an audio installation occurred, that could provide amusing background music and important announcements for the employees.

The workshop and the warehouse are provided with 21 WX502/OB outdoor wall speakers which are treated with powder coating that provides the necessary protection for all weather conditions. This way the employees can enjoy the music in all conditions. These speakers are powered by a single CAP448 quad-channel power amplifier.

The plaza was perhaps the most important area that had to be equipped. This area serves not only as a lunchroom but also as a meeting place for staff members, where both formal and informal meetings take place. Thanks to 6 ATEO6 wall speakers in combination with a BASO12 bass reflex cabinet and powered by the EPA252 and EPA254 amplifiers the whole area gets immersed in clear background music. In addition, the white walls and black ATEOs provide interesting shades of color.

The entire setup provided here, is controlled by a single MTX88 8-zone audio matrix which divides the areas of the complex into different zones, to control the speakers more easily. An MPX88 paging microphone is connected to the MTX88 for important announcements and safety messages.

This entire installation would have been unnecessary if they couldn't play the right beats. So as a main audio source 4 different SourceCon™ modules were implemented in the XMP44 professional modular audio player. This makes it easy to switch between Internet Radio, FM tuner or other media players enabling the personnel to work in optimal conditions.

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