CALI series

Engineered for perfection.

The CALI series consists of full-range models constructed out of premium materials and are fitted with the patented SafeLatch™ mounting system.

  • CALI424 - Safelatch™ 2-way 4
  • CALI424 - Safelatch™ 2-way 4
  • CALI424 - Safelatch™ 2-way 4
  • CALI424 - Safelatch™ 2-way 4
  • CALI424 - Safelatch™ 2-way 4
  • CALI424 - Safelatch™ 2-way 4
  • CALI424 - Safelatch™ 2-way 4
  • CALI424 - Safelatch™ 2-way 4
  • CALI424 - Safelatch™ 2-way 4
  • CALI424 - Safelatch™ 2-way 4


Safelatch™ 2-way 4" ceiling speaker with TwistFix™ grill
  • Secure SafeLatch™ system
  • Excellent off-axis performance (up to 155°)
  • Unique TwistFix™ grill design
  • Borderless grill design
  • Rotary switch for 6W, 12W, 24W and an 8 Ohm tappings
  • Terminal block connection
  • Shallow built-in depth (122 mm)
  • Multi-tapping 70V / 100V line transformer
5 years
8 Ohm
70/100 V
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The CALI424 is a 2-way ceiling speaker with rear dome, constructed using a 4” cone driver, combined with an coaxially mounted 1” soft dome tweeter which is fitted with a phase plug for excellent off axis performance up to 155°.

The 2-way construction combination with metal rear-dome guarantees premium performance for demanding applications. A continuous power handling of 30 Watt (RMS) and maximum power handling of 60 watt is achieved, while fitted with a rotary switch for tapping of the 70/100V line transformer with tappings for 24W, 12W, 6W and an 8 Ohm bypass connection.

Improved acoustical performance
Crystal clear sound

Improved acoustical performance

With the introduction of the CALIxI variants, we have re-engineered both the drivers and the internal filter (crossover) to achieve superior acoustical performance. A significant leap forward compared to its predecessor, resulting in an enriched and immersive audio experience.

Enhanced installation
Installation becomes a breeze

Enhanced installation

Together with the unique SafeLatch™ innovation, quick and easy connection can be done through a ‘swivel’ lid with conduit clamp, this had a rotating lid design which is reminiscent of market standards. A pluggable terminal block connector simplifies the installation process, decreases the installation time and ensures a secure connection for seamless operation.

Borderless grill design
TwistFix™ technology

Borderless grill design

The TwistFix™ system assembles the speakers’ grill through twisting. A bajonet type locking with lips on the grill side gets fixed through insertion to slots on the speakers housing and giving it a partial turn. This system guarantees lifetime stable mounting while fixation can be done in a record-breaking time.

Shallow built-in depth
A wide range of applications

Shallow built-in depth

These ceiling speakers have a mounting very shallow built-in depth of only 120 mm (max.), making them perfect for suspended ceilings, hollow walls and many more applications.

Suited for 70/100V applications
Multi-tapping line transformer

Suited for 70/100V applications

Fitted with a rotary switch for tapping of the 70/100V line transformer with tappings for various connections. This makes the speaker the ideal solution for your project.

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  • CALI424/O - Outdoor version - Paintable grill

    CALI424/O - Outdoor version - Paintable grill

    The GLI series are optionally available front grills with TwistFix™ technology for the CALI loudspeaker series. The GLI grills fit the CALI424 speakers and are available in 3 versions: black (/B), white (/W) and paintable (/P). For outdoor protection, these steel speaker grills are electroplated.

    This is a combined product:
    CALI424 + GLI05

Technical specifications

Available models
CALI424I/W White version (RAL9016)
System specifications
Peak power handling 120 W
Program power handling 60 W
RMS/AES power handling 30 W
Sound Pressure (Max. W/1m) @ 100 V (CALI424) 101 dB
(CALI424I) 101 dB
@ 8 Ω (CALI424I) 102 dB
Sensitivity (1W/1m) (CALI424) 84 dB
(CALI424I) 87 dB
Dispersion Conical 155°
Frequency Response (± 3 dB) (CALI424) 105 Hz - 20 kHz
(CALI424I) 93 Hz - 20 kHz
Range (-10 dB) 70 Hz - 20 kHz
Speaker type 2-way coaxial
Connection Ceramic screw terminal with link through (CALI424)
Pluggable terminal block connector with link-through (CALI424I)
Line Transformer Tappings 1 208 Ω - 100 V / Not used - 70 V / 24 W
2 417 Ω - 100 V / 24 W - 70 V / 12 W
3 833 Ω - 100 V / 12 W - 70 V / 6 W
4 1667 Ω - 100 V / 6 W - 70 V / 3 W
Product Features
Cut-out measurement 6.69 " (Ø)
Dimensions (CALI424) 192 x 110 mm (Ø x D)
(CALI424I) 192 x 138 mm (Ø x D)
Built-in depth (CALI424) 110 mm
(CALI424I) 122 mm
Operating temperature -4 °F ~ 140 °F
Weight 4.98 lb
Construction ABS and powder coated steel
Mounting SafeLatch™ mounting system
Recommended applications
Bars & Restaurants

Speaker matrix

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