Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium

Royal Latem Golf Club

Royal Latem Golf Club  is a private golf club in Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium. It’s a highly reputed private club with members from all over Europe. It’s course is regarded as very technical and offers a challenge for golfers of every skill level. 

Royal Latem Golf Club reached out to AUDAC Certified Partner TX3 because they wanted to upgrade their sound system not only to increase the sound quality in their bar and restaurant but also to make playing music and operating the public address system easier. In the past, controlling their audio set-up was very complicated but now their new audio solution can be controlled with great ease by using AUDAC Touch™ . Having a centralised place to control the set-up saves the employees a lot of time and effort which benefits the workflow. A clear background sound was required to create a nice atmosphere in the restaurant while still preserving the classic look of the golf club. The XENO6 Full range speaker 6” series was used to blend in with the beautiful interior thanks to its slim and elegant front grill. A high fidelity sound is guaranteed thanks to the XENO6’s 1” dome tweeter and a 6” Mid /Low-frequency driver. 

Because the club and golf course is sometimes used for tournaments, the public address system needs to be of high quality to make sure the announcer can be clearly understood. To ensure high speech intelligibility 2 x WX802_O – Outdoor universal wall speaker 8” were installed outside to reproduce both high fidelity speech and music. To make the system as easy controllable as it gets, a MTX88 – 8-zone matrix was used to divide the domain into different zones. The audio matrix has 2 balanced mic inputs with priority functions which makes switching between music and speech very easy and quick making it perfect for competitive matches.

To be able to provide their customers with the right music at the right time, an XMP44 SourceCon™ professional modular audio system was used with 2 audio modules inside. An IMP40 – SourceCon™ internet audio player module and a NMP40 - SourceCon™ audio steaming module were installed in the XMP44 to give the restaurant the options of playing both radio, and audio streaming through their new audio installation. 

With their new professional audio solution from AUDAC, Royal Latem Golf Club is ready to provide their members with an amazing dining experience combined with their excellent golfing experience.  

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