Astana, Kazakhstan

Mega Silk Way Trade centre

In the shade of the exquisite Expo building of Astana, an impressive new trade center has arisen to become the city’s major family attraction. The trade center is a two-story building with an underground parking lot. Build with spacious atriums reaching heights of 25m, the venue comprises over 140 000m² ! A gigantic complex like this requires the right audio means and AUDAC has experience in offering exactly that. Lots of visitors will be amazed by the looks of this building, as well as its audio installation, during the expo later this year.

The audio system has been divided into two parts with one part that consists of background music and voice messaging/advertising for all public areas (food courts, playground, hallways) the other part of the system focuses more on the backstage areas (technical, service and staff only rooms) to have direct voice addressing in each separate room for employees.

For the entire complex, a huge list of AUDAC products was used, ranging from ceiling speakers to matrixes. The smaller boutiques are even provided with an ATU44MK2 universal input adapter that opens the possibility to tap audio from the main system on to their own speakers. 

Over three hundred CS424 Speakers fit the design perfectly and its steel back combined with the top-notch components result in the ultimate sound experience. Truly, the power of this system lies in its multi functionality, exquisite design and the overall sound quality, leaving no corner silent in the massive building. AUDAC really spoils eye and ear in this one!

STEPLine, AUDAC distributor in Kazakhstan, supplied all the AUDAC equipment and provided full technical consultancy to the installation company.

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