Bjelasnica, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hotel Nomad

Hotel Nomad is a new luxurious hotel located in Bjelašnica, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The hotel is situated on the Olympic mountain Bjelašnica, which offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Hotel Nomad offers a range of amenities, including dining, accommodation, wellness and event space.

The main challenge for the Hotel Nomad team was to create a seamless audio experience for guests throughout the hotel, regardless of their location. The team wanted to provide quality sound that would enhance the overall guest experience and create a consistent ambiance throughout the hotel. Moreover, the hotel team wanted to ensure that the system would be easy to use for staff members..

To meet these challenges, the Hotel Nomad team decided to team up with Audio Projekt d.o.o. to come up with an advanced audio system. The audio system was divided into different zones by 2 MTX88 8-zone matrix systems, allowing the hotel staff to adjust the volume, source and PA messages in each area. This feature allowed for greater flexibility and customization of the audio experience. 

Specific loudspeakers were also chosen for each zone to meet the acoustic challenges per area. Hence, the ALTI6 pendant loudspeakers were used for the lobby with its high ceilings and ATEO6 high high-quality design loudspeakers for the restaurant area. In several other locations, ceiling loudspeakers were chosen to achieve an integrated look of the hotel.  

Wall panels were provided at strategic locations in the hotel, allowing staff to quickly and easily operate the installation or to easily connect additional input sources to the installation. As main input sources, the XMP44 SourceCon™ professional modular audio system was chosen, containing modules for internet radio, voice files & media player options.

The installation of an AUDAC audio system has greatly improved the guest experience at Hotel Nomad. The high-quality sound, consistent ambiance, and flexibility of the system have all contributed to an improved atmosphere in the hotel. 

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