Nijmegen, the Netherlands


The concert venue Doornroosje (Sleeping beauty) has been around since 1970 and booked a lot of bands before their international breakthrough. With its two concert halls, the venue can fit up to 1500 guests.

For the use in the small and large lobbies of the two concert halls, the AUDAC ATEO6 wall speaker was selected. The speaker was chosen by the sound technicians of Doornroosje because they needed a 100V P.A. system to secure the long cable distances from the amplifier to the speakers. After a complete test, the ATEO6 came out as delivering the most faithful reproduction of music on a 100V amplification system. The fact that the ATEO6 could blend in to the interior thanks to the virtue of his CleverMount™ bracket also aided in the decision of the wall speaker. A total of ten ATEO6 wall speakers are now placed in the lobbies and are amplified by one CAP224 dual-channel power amplifier.

The cafe of the concert venue is a place where occasionally bands and DJ’s can play for a small audience. Because DJ’s can play slightly louder than background music normally is, the audio specialist E&A AUDIO chose to install the AUDAC VEXO8 compact high-power speakers in combination with the BASO15 bass reflex cabinets. This sound system is amplified by the SMQ350 and SMA350 WaveDynamics™ amplifiers. The amplifiers have the advantage of using pre-loaded WaveDynamics™ presets for the speaker setup with optimized equalizing settings and limiting functions. The complete system is controlled by an M2 Multimedia digital audio mixer. Thanks to this matrix system, the sound levels of the speakers can be adjusted easily in every room through the control of multiple DW5066 digital all-in-one wall panels and a mobile application.

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