• WB3102/SW - Wall mount box for VC3xx2


Wall mount box for VC3xx2
5 years
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The WB3102 are wall mounting boxes for the VC3xx2-series volume controllers. The surface mount version is available in white colour (/SW).

Technical specifications

Product Features
Material ABS (WB3102/SW)
Galvanised steel (WB3102/FS)
Dimensions 3.19 x 3.19 x 2.0079 " (W x H x D) (WB3102/SW)
2.83 x 2.83 x 1.89 " (W x H x D) (WB3102/FS)
Weight 0.13 lb (WB3102/SW)
0.34 lb (WB3102/FS)


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