Tokaj, Hungary

Minaro Hotel

The Minaro Hotel in Tokaj, Hungary, is a new 5-star hotel surrounded by beautiful vineyards and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hotel offers top-notch relaxation and unique experiences. To complement its high-quality facilities, the Minaro Hotel implemented a state-of-the art AUDAC audio solution.  

The audio solution deployed at the Minaro Hotel includes a comprehensive selection of 145 AUDAC products carefully chosen to meet the demands of the 5-star establishment. By choosing the XMP44 SourceCon™ professional modular audio system, they ensure the option to choose from a wide range of input modules. The installed input modules in this solution include 4 input slots, the BMP42 Bluetooth module, MMP40 media player & recorder module, and IMP40 internet audio player module, ensuring versatile connectivity options for the audio setup.

Powering the audio system are AUDAC's WaveDynamics™ quad-channel power amplifiers, including the PMQ480 and PMQ240 models, offering an array of advanced features. This includes selectable filters for optimal acoustics adjustment and intuitive loudspeaker presets for simplified configuration, these amplifiers ensure excellent audio quality and reliability in every zone of the hotel.

To ensure optimal audio coverage and clarity, a selection of 132 AUDAC loudspeakers, including three sizes of the CIRA Quickfit™ ceiling speaker with TwistFix™ grill. These are easily and strategically installed throughout the hotel's indoor spaces, seamlessly blending into their environment, while guests are provided with an immersive auditory experience. Additionally, the Minaro Hotel is equipped with AUDAC's CELO5 High-end 2-way 5" ceiling loudspeakers for premium sound reproduction in designated areas, further enhancing the guest experience.

For outdoor areas such as the hotel's lush gardens and terrace, weather resistant WX302MK2 and WX502MK2 outdoor loudspeakers deliver exceptional sound performance, allowing guests to bask in the beauty of nature accompanied with music.  

By partnering with AUDAC integrator AVMAX, the Minaro Hotel Tokaj has set a new standard for audio excellence in the hospitality industry. 

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