Dubrovnik, Croatia

President hotel

In the Croatian city of Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Sea, an exquisite 5-star hotel has recently undergone an extensive face-lift to provide its visitors with an unparalleled feeling of unity with nature and a view to the crystal blue sea from every corner of the hotel. Luckily, the audio system wasn’t forgotten in this renovation. For the upgrade, the Croatian AUDAC partner A&V Oprema installed speakers in almost every section of the hotel. A gigantic amount of 575 speakers in total was used for this project. From the WX302/O and WX502/O outdoor wall speakers that were used for the beachfront outdoor areas to the SSP500 flush mount 2-way built-in speakers for the indoor swimming pool and showers. There was no problem for the AUDAC speakers to provide a trustworthy, natural and detailed sound in all the damp and salty spaces. In the corridors of the hotel, dining area and for the massive lobby, a combination of CS75, CS55, CSA506 ceiling speakers and a couple of CS1000S in-wall subwoofers were used so that the visitors could enjoy suiting background music in every location. To amplify this huge number of speakers only 7 CAP series quad-channel 100V power amplifiers are used.

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